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Youth & Family Ministry


The NVC Youth & Family ministry focuses on the spiritual growth and development of 6th-12th graders and their families. NVC believes that a focus on Christ is vital part of the developmental process of teens, so we seek to create an environment where students and families can develop a deep faith, strongly rooted in a relationship with the Lord.

The Youth & Family Ministry believes that every student should know they are loved by God, and by their church as well. We also believe that our self-worth is rooted in our faith in Christ, as opposed to our achievements or actions. Lastly, we believe that every student is a leader, wether that is in the context of ministry, school, the family, or with friends.

The Y&FM meets on Sunday nights from 6-8pm throughout the school year. Every week we enjoy a meal together, worship, share crazy stories, and break into our small groups with our Youth Leaders to dig deeper into the Word. For details and directions please email yfm@newvintagesd.org.

Throughout the year the Y&FM participates in several camps, takes part in multiple service projects, and hosts several fun events like Nerf Night, Merry Christmas Madness, and worship nights at the beach. If you would like to receive regular updates on NVC Y&FM events please email yfm@newvintagesd.org.

Also, be sure to check out djiverson.com for blog posts related to youth ministry, culture, the struggle of being a San Diego sports fan, and other ramblings from Pastor D.J.