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Current Growth Group Leaders

Growth Group Sign-Ups

Winter Growth Group Quarter Sign-Ups run from January 9 – January 17. Sign up online, at NVC during the weekend services, or by calling the church offices during the week at (760) 743-2727 during the enrollment period. Find a group that best fits you.

How do I pick a group? We have a list of leaders with their bios and locations so that you can find a group that fits you. You can also email Rudy Hagood and ask him to fit you into an appropriate group. Find a group here.

Groups begin the week of January 9th. If you have any questions about joining a Growth Group or would like more information, please contact the the NVC office at (760) 715-7236 or email Rudy Hagood.


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David and Celyn Miles

David and Celyn Miles have been married for almost 20 years, and have one 5 year old son.  David teaches Physics at Great Oak High School in Temecula, and Celyn serves as the Children’s Minister at New Vintage Church.  When not working in the careers they love, Celyn enjoys playing soccer and reading; David loves all things automotive in and Star Wars in nature.  They have been a part of New Vintage since 2013, and are continually amazed and renewed by the opportunity to be a part of God’s Kingdom in this authentic faith community.


Leaders: Rich & Joanne Wang

Co-Leaders: Tim & Emily Spivey


Brent and Jessica Petrencsik

We are Brent and Jessica. We wandered into NVC some time in 2011 and decided to stick around for the excellent teaching and deep community. We feel we’ve found people who love us genuinely, appreciate our quirks, and cause us to laugh from deep down in our bellies. We hope our growth group becomes a place where folks can build trust, heal from hurts, learn more about following Jesus, and find ways to show God’s love to our neighbors. When we are not corralling our four young kids, Brent loves to mountain bike and quote White rappers, and Jessica likes to make things beautiful and get down to funk and hip hop. We also have a passion for caring for “the least of these” – orphans, foster care, and adoption.

Major cross streets – E. 5th Ave and Date/Chestnut


Leaders: Ed & Candy Ferner

We have been attending NVC for 3 years.  The day we walked in the door for the first time the sermon spoke to us in such a way that we knew that God wanted us to be there.  It was a time that we needed some healing in our lives and we felt the comfort and assurance of God that day.  We still remember hearing the song “White Flag” for the first time that Sunday and it was easy to surrender to the Lord that day, knowing that he cared.  We value the friendship of others that are seeking to continue to grow in the Lord and in the knowledge of His Word.  Dog sports is our biggest leisure activity.  We have 3 retrievers that we love to do things with.

Co-Leaders: Don & Janien Thompson

Major cross streets: Birch and Bear Valley Parkway


Leaders: Rudy and Osharye Hagood

Rudy and Osharye have been at New Vintage Church a whopping 6 months!  Their favorite NVC moment was the amazing welcome they received from so many new friends and the 20 pounds they say they gained from all the breakfast, lunches and dinners they ate with their new church family.   They lead a growth group because they love people and that’s a place where we can develop authentic relationships.  For the Hagood’s a good date night looks like Lazy Dogg Cafe and a movie.  Osharye loves dating her man and researching health and theology.  Rudy likes going to the Batting cages and thinks Barnes & Noble’s is the happiest place on earth.

Hosts: Brandon & Eva Keener

We first attended New Vintage Church 4 years ago in the Spring of 2012. Our favorite moments at NVC have been witnessing the spiritual growth of so many in the youth group, including our own children, Antonio (18), Alejandro (14), and Isabella (9). We love the experience of walking into the church and seeing the old stained glass windows and vaulted wood ceilings with a fresh and vibrant congregation (the epitome of “New” and “Vintage”).  We host a Growth Group because we view our home as a gift from God. We want to use it as a place for community and discipleship.  We spend a lot of time camping in the desert, 4-wheel driving in the Jeep, hanging at the beach and hanging out on a boat.  Brandon enjoys building or creating things with his hands, and studying the real estate market for houses that need rehabilitation.  Eva enjoys crocheting, coffee with friends, working out, and catching up on old episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Major cross streets: Nordahl Rd. & Rock Springs Rd., Escondido


Leader: Kevin and Tracy Clem

Co-Leader: Peter and Lindsey Wilson

We have been at NVC since its inception as original church planters.  So, we have stories.  For instance, after several years in a building that had not been touched since the ’50’s, we reopened the auditorium and were able to show off our months of hard work and sacrifice. Leading worship together on that day was very special.  We lead a growth group to help create and foster a genuine and vulnerable environment where people can come together and share life.  Lindsey enjoys crafting, cooking, and her book club.  Peter enjoys being a hobbyist of every sort and frequently picks up new hobbies.  He currently sings in the Westminster Chorus and is a life-long loyal Dodger fan.  Together, they enjoy good food, cooking classes, and concert-going.  Their opportunities to enjoy such things are limited, as most of their time is spent wrangling their three kiddos.

Major cross streets: El Norte Pkwy and E Valley Pkwy, Escondido


Leaders: Shawn and Joy DeKalb

Shawn and Joy DeKalb lead a growth group in 4S Ranch near Del Norte High School and have 2 daughters both in college.  Together they enjoy helping others in their journey with the Lord as well as overseeing Benevolence needs at NVC.  Shawn enjoys the outdoors through hiking and mountain biking.  Joy is a runner recently completing the NYC Marathon and Boston planned for the Spring.

Co-Leaders: Ken & Judy Sutherland

Ken & Judy have been at NVC since the beginning nearly 5 years ago.  Our favorite NVC moment was on July 22, 2011 when we baptized our daughter Carmen into Christ and many of our friends from NVC were there to celebrate with our family.  We he’ll lead a grown group  “so that (those who attend) may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God,” Colossians 1:10 and we love  to have fun and build great friendships.  Judy is a runner and has run over a dozen marathons including the Boston Marathon twice and countless half marathons. She also runs Ragnar Relays which are group relay events with her sisters and running girlfriends. Ken is an avid golfer and loves teeing it up whenever he can as he strives to have a single digit handicap…he is very close! Together we enjoy traveling, movies, spending time with family and hanging out with our 2 college students Chris, majoring in Applied Physics and Carmen, a Civil Engineering major. And playing with our 2 “other adopted kids”, our black & white cats named Hansel & Gretel!!

Major cross streets: 4S. Ranch Blvd & Dove Creek Rd.


Leaders: Chris and Erin Howe

We have attended NVC for the past 4 1/2 years. Our favorite times at NVC usually involve our coastal Growth Group, as we’ve been part of each other’s lives for several years now. Our Growth Group always meets together to first eat dinner and then have a discussion/Bible study. This makes our group truly feel like family when we get to be in each other’s homes, eat together, talk and laugh before starting our discussion time. We enjoy helping to lead our Growth Group mostly because we love the people who are part of it, and practicing hospitality in God’s kingdom is a joy. Besides attending activities that our kids are involved in (sports and music), we both spend a lot of time reading, and we love going to the beach in the summer or hiking at Torrey Pines.

Co-Leaders: Benoni and Jennifer Pantoja

Benoni and Jennifer Pantoja moved from Los Angeles to Carlsbad in 2013 with their four children and joined the NVC fellowship. They are a part of the Coastal Growth Group.  Every few months the coastal group hosts an a cappella singing night which has become an event that the youth and adults look forward to.Their family motto is: Love God, Love People, and Love Learning (Micah 6:6-8). They enjoy beach activities, family road trips, extra curricular sports, and the outdoors. 


Leader: Ed Ferner

I have been attending NVC for 3 years.  One of my favorite moments was throwing peanuts at pastor Tim at a Padres game and trying to be sneaky about it…because  sometimes I am way too serious.  I lead a group because I usually get the most honest advice from the group.   Studying the Word and talking about the things of God with this group helps me to understand how to apply the Word to my life and put God first.  I’m into dog training, home improvement projects, hunting and fishing.


Co-Leader: Scott Herschleb

Lorraine and I have been attending NVC, as our home church, for just over eighteen months.  My favorite moment at NVC was when the Holy Spirit confirmed to both of us that NVC was where we belonged at this time.  I desire to lead a Growth Group to bring glory to God by making Him and His character known to men.  I enjoy Fellowship/Food, road biking and trap shooting.

Location: Fireside Room at New Vintage Church



Women’s Growth Group #1

Leader: Tracy Clem

Women’s Growth Group #2

Leader: Eva Keener



Download PDF here: Growth Group Essentials Training Guide