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Growth Group Sign-Ups

Current Quarter:  Summer Growth Groups  If you have any questions about joining a Growth Group or would like more information, please contact the the NVC office at (760) 743-2727 or email Jana Hawkins.  Let’s find a group that best fits you. 

Enrollment Season:  We assist with Growth Group sign ups the the 3 weeks prior to the quarter and the first 3 weeks of the Growth Group Quarter.  Listed below are the upcoming seasons for Growth Groups.


What are Growth Groups?

Growth groups are designed to meet the deepest relational and learning needs of NVCers.  Growth groups can help provide the framework for people to be challenged to worship God with joy, passion, and conviction by learning who they are in Christ so they can develop the trusting faith in Jesus as Savior and LORD.

Why should I be in a Growth Group?

Growth Groups at NVC builds authentic community, poured out to His precepts and being in relational intimacy and fullness in Him. This is what we are called to emulate from our Lord. Because people will be learning and growing, they will move from personal agendas and pride to growth and service to our Lord. This produces a supportive environment that has love and care, hospitality, and the Spirit impacting the people. This will then foster the engagement of the community and world for the Gospel.

What should I expect when I go?

Each group is unique as the group reflects the personalities of those who participate. However, you can expect a weekly gathering that may involve food, conversation, prayer, discussion for applying the Bible to practical living, and service in the neighborhood. Growth Groups are an environment for building relationships with one another, which strongly emphasizes challenging one another to drive God’s Word deeply into our lives. NVC growth groups follow the Sunday morning sermon series, however, they are much more than a Bible study – they are community, a place where we can laugh, cry, work and play together for glory of Jesus. This means you could expect BBQ’s, yard work for an elderly neighbor, bowling, working in children’s ministry, visiting people in the hospital, birthday parties, etc.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about joining a Growth Group or would like more information, please contact the NVC office at (760) 743-2727 or email Jana Hawkins here.