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Our Mission & Values

New Vintage Church is a non-denominational church located in the culturally rich neighborhood of South Escondido in Northern San Diego County. With Jesus as our focus and the Bible as our guide, life at NVC is dynamic, alive and growing. If you want to experience what we’re all about, come and spend some time with us. We look forward to meeting you. Our ministry is based on our mission and purpose. All ministry is built on these biblical foundations:


“Growing True Followers of Jesus in a Healthy Church Environment.”

Core Purposes:

Worship: We will love God with everything, offering our lives as living sacrifices.

Mission: As missionaries, we will lead to Christ those within our sphere of influence and witness to Christ throughout the world.

Community: We will love one another with the love of Christ and use the gifts God’s Spirit provides to build up His Church.


These values spring from our mission and purpose. They help better explain the “how” of our mission.


Core Values:

NVC values Scripture. All Scripture is God-breathed and useful for all of life. Therefore, preaching will be biblically-based and NVC will encourage biblical study for inspiration, spiritual direction, and knowledge of God.

NVC values Praise. When we sing, we say what we believe to be true about God as deep calls to deep. Therefore, we will worship God with passion and truth.

NVC values Prayer. Prayer cultivates intimacy and dependence on God who answers prayer. This intimacy and dependence on God is foundational to life with Christ. Therefore, we will create intentional environments for prayer.

NVC values Leadership. Leadership is a gift of God for blessing others. Thus, we will nurture leadership and cultivate new servant-leaders for God’s glory and mission.

NVC values Joy. Joy is a fruit of God’s Spirit and a sign of God’s presence to the world. Therefore, we will cultivate an atmosphere of joy in our lives and church.

NVC values Generosity. As those created in the image of God the Generous who gives all good things, we will witness to His goodness through lives characterized by lavish generosity.

NVC values Health. We will be vigorous about preserving and nurturing church health, which leads to growth and glorifies God.