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Our Story

New Vintage Church gathered informally for the first time in December 2010 with a vision to start a new church that would draw people to God, leading them to maturity in Christ. When those sixteen gathered for the first time, they could never have imagined how vividly and powerfully God was about to move.

New Vintage Church launched formally in April of 2011.


The NVC sign seen from Juniper Street

While the challenges of starting a new church have been significant, God has helped us overcome those challenges to become a thriving church of hundreds of worshipers united by a common vision and mission. New Vintage Church is characterized by spiritual vitality drawn from a shared, joyful pursuit of God’s heart and mission.

New Vintage Church gets it’s name from an important biblical truth. Using vineyard imagery, Jesus proclaims Himself (the Vine) as the source of all nourishment for His followers (the branches). Apart from Him, we can do nothing. In Him, we can do great things. We believe this and strive to cultivate deep spiritual lives that place nothing above whole-person love of God. We strive to stay firmly attached to Jesus, “the Vine” (John 15:5-8). As we do, Christ abides in us, and we bear the fruit of love for God, one another and our neighbors.

It’s all about Jesus.

He’s why we worship. He’s why we love. He’s why we serve. He’s why we share our faith.

That’s our story, and it’s just beginning. We invite to you join us for the next chapter.

Welcome to New Vintage Church.